It Never Goes According To Plan

This is the pic on my favorite coffee mug. Which is, of course, dirty. c.Anne Taintor

Today I woke up thinking a few things…

  • THAT was a weird dream,
  • Brr, it’s cold
  • Son, stop screaming, I’m coming!

followed by…

  • I totally need some coffee and a protein-dense breakfast smoothie to get me going, and
  • This would be a great day to make a big pot of soup and use up a bunch of stuff from the fridge, freezer, and cupboard.  First soup-making day of the year!

THIS is how it really went down…

  • Fell back to sleep on the couch, awoke to Son spilling cold water on me,
  • Delay in making/drinking/feeling effects of coffee,
  • Went into the bathroom to find the dog had pooped on the floor.
  • Made up an AWESOME smoothie.  Son wanted some, so I poured some in a cup for him and made him sit at the table with it.  Turned around to pour myself a glass, and he spilled THE ENTIRE SMOOTHIE EVERYWHERE.  Everywhere.  On the floor, on the walls, on the table pedestal with all its ornate grooves, on the chair legs, even well across the room onto the oven… and then he started crying, because (a) he wanted that smoothie and (b) he thought I was going to yell at him.
  • Took a big breath, then a big smoothie swig, and told him it was ok, then cleaned up smoothie from allovertheplace.  Stood up and was so lightheaded I nearly fainted.
  • Proceeded to caffeinate and smoothiefy.
  • Went into the bathroom and found that the dog had AGAIN pooped on the floor.

Mr. Penny Pincher just took Son out for a trip to the Air Force Base Museum (a half hour away, free, and a HUGE favorite of his) so I figure I’ve got a few hours now to do my thing, as long as I don’t fall into a Pinterest or Facebook trap.  Before I can even contemplate soup, I have to bust out the big guns (homemade cleansers plus tea tree oil) and mop the kitchen and bathroom.  Only THEN can I consider making a whole new mess in my kitchen.

I was hoping to cull some more today but it looks like I’m just going to be digging through the usual mess once again instead of getting deeper into it.  I also need to make up a new batch of fabric softener since I’ve been out for a few days (btw I did discover that in a pinch, some water and hair conditioner in a Downy ball does the job!)

What is everyone else up to this weekend?  PLEASE stop by and comment, even just to say hi, and make my day!  It’s a beautiful Autumn day and I’m stuck inside.


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  • Amy Awesome says:

    You should be planning a trip to NEPA. ;)

  • LeslieLe says:

    Now that the boys are out of town, you can get a ton done!! Do it do it do it until they get home, then take yourself out for a nice walk. ALONE. You will feel better for it. :-)

    • BUT OF COURSE they walked in the door as you said this, and OF COURSE as I was just sitting down for a little break. I don’t see a walk in the cards (I might never come back anyway!) but I WAS hoping to do some yoga once N fell asleep; unfortunately, he took one of those awesome 1/2 hour naps in the car and is now full! of! energy!

      The kitchen floor is now clear (I’m posting from our kitchen table, currently relocated to our dining room) and swept – about to douse some major spots then bust out the mop.

      Thank you for stopping by to cheer me on! It means a LOT!

  • Zazz says:

    You forgot a tag: “poop”. At first I thought you spelled it wrong, but that was “soup.” ;) Love you! Will text you about a day to visit later today, promise.

  • Jen says:

    HIIIIII! Our weekend was go go go. I almost got eaten by a pack of rabid Sunday School students. (my first time teaching since I burned out five years ago) I feel your smoothie pain. My five year old spilled a whole jug of orange juice on the floor yesterday. I mopped twice, but there are still sticky spots. BOYS!

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